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SENSE Agency and its successor, SENSE Transitional Justice Center, reported on the work of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia (ICTY) from 1998 to 2019. Throughout this period, SENSE has assembled a compilation of over fifty video interviews with the main actors of the ICTY history. Successively publishing these interviews in the following months, SENSE Center embarks on a project to create a unique collection of oral history of the ICTY, as documented by SENSE.

ICTY Oral History Collection of recorded interviews reveals issues, problems, successes, and failures of the ICTY, as they were developing. The Collection aspires to make this historic record of the development of the ICTY and international criminal justice widely and permanently accessible to the public, and increase the understanding of its work.

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15 october 2003
ICTY Judge (1993-2000); President (1993-1997)
Antonio Cassese, the first President of the ICTY (1993-1997), in an interview from June 2003, speaks about the tribulations of the tribunal’s first ten years and its struggle to survive and become respected not only by the states of former Yugoslavia but also by the international community.
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15 october 2003
ICTY Judge (1993-2000); President (1993-1997)
6 november 2003
ICTY Chief prosecutor (1999-2007)
23 november 2015
ICTY and IRMCT Judge (2001-2022); President (2015-2017; 2019-2022)
24 february 2003
ICTY Judge (1994-2007); President (1999-2003)
20 april 2016
United States Ambassador-at-large for war crimes issues(1997-2001)
11 june 2003
ICTY Judge (1993-1999); President (1997-1999)
4 november 1998
ICTY Judge (1993-1999); President (1997-1999)
13 may 2003
ICTY Deputy Prosecutor (1994-2004)
13 september 2003
ICTY Chief prosecutor (1996-1999)
4 november 1998
ICTY Chief prosecutor (1996-1999)
21 october 2003
Defense Counsel (1995-1997) and Amicus curiae before the ICTY (2001-2002)
1 january 2001
ICTY Judge (1999-2001)
27 july 2003
ICTY Chief Prosecutor (1994-1996)
19 february 2008
ICTY Chief prosecutor (2008-2017); IRMCT Chief prosecutor (2016-)
20 october 2003
ICTY and IRMCT Judge (2001-2021); President (2003-2005; 2011-2019)
21 april 2005
ICTY UN Detention Unit Commanding Officer